Patients sometimes fail to improve in spite of traditional treatment for pain. The focus of these treatments is to correct a structural or biomechanical problem. Research studies have demonstrated that these anatomic abnormalities can be found in a high percentage of people without pain. Dr. John Sarno at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine determined over 25 years ago that you may have x-ray or MRI abnormalities but they are not the cause of your symptoms. Your pain symptoms can be due to mild oxygen deprivation, which is harmless but can cause very severe pain. In patients with TMS certain personality traits make the greatest contribution to the pain.

A formal medical program for TMS includes a thorough medical evaluation, lectures, education and group support. TMS is likely if you have had long history of pain and are still quite disabled. It is likely that the pain is ruining your life and may be associated with other tension related illnesses such as gastrointestinal complaints, TMJ, headaches or hives.

In the presence of this cluster of signs and symptoms 80% to 85% of patients respond to treatment.

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