JC experienced an episode of shingles beginning three weeks prior to being seen. Medication was started by his personal physician. His skin lesions cleared but pain persisted along his left lateral chest wall extending up into his armpit. The patient is a music teacher and composer and was unable to work due his discomfort. Acupuncture was performed twice, resulting in complete recovery.

AD spent three years in psychotherapy and on medication for severe anxiety. She was newly married, hoping to get pregnant, and wanted to discontinue her medications. In addition, she was experiencing persistent arm pain following neck surgery for a slipped disk. Her pain and anxiety disappeared completely after 6 acupuncture treatments, and she was able to stop her anti-anxiety medication. She ultimately became pregnant.

MS sustained a horse back riding injury three weeks prior to being seen. She required narcotics and physical therapy to control her symptoms. Physical examination revealed a massive black and blue mark involving her right chest and hip. One acupuncture treatment resulted in a major reduction in her pain, and she was able to stop her medications.

BS presented with severe low back pain, unresponsive to both medical and surgical therapy for years. She was born with congenital absence of an extremity, and consumed with anger relating to her childhood and relationship with her parents. After TMS therapy and a curative visit to her parents, her pain disappeared completely.

ZS came in with heartburn, anxiety and back pain unresponsive to medication and physical therapy. Her most significant issue was severe anger at her husband. Following TMS therapy her pain and anxiety completely disappeared.

AL was experiencing severe heart arrhythmias, and had an automatic external defibrillator implanted to protect her against sudden death. She was on the waiting list for surgical treatment. Due to her long wait for surgery, she was referred to control her anxiety. During her 7 acupuncture treatments not only did her anxiety disappear but her cardiac arrhythmias disappeared also.

DS was experiencing severe reflex sympathetic dystrophy following a stress fracture. She was consumed with anger as a result of childhood experiences, two failed marriages, and most recently at her own body. She had severe muscular atrophy and weakness. TMS therapy resulted in her recognition of the anger. She resumed physical therapy, her pain disappeared, and when last seen her muscular weakness and atrophy were resolving.

EBís husband attempted to murder her ten years ago. He held a gun to her head but it misfired. She was referred by a neurologist complaining of severe headaches which prevented her from working. The headaches were unresponsive to any type of therapy. Following several TMS sessions she revealed that her headaches developed when her husband was released from prison. Her symptoms disappeared within minutes.

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