The confluence of Dr. Strom's experience in three crucial areas - traditional allopathic medicine, alternative care and Tension Myositis Syndrome(TMS) - has inspired his distinctive style of healthcare delivery, based on a fusion of the applicable tenets of acupuncture, medicine and new technology.

"We must involve patients more closely in the implications of their clinical decisions," says Strom. "In order to do that, we must enable communication and understanding between patients and doctors, each of which is essential to the other if we are to create a system that works. We need to educate doctors in a new way; we must give patients more responsibility for their own care; and most importantly, we must give both doctors and patients the information needed to make good decisions. All of this must be guided by a medical judgement style based on principles of honesty and integrity - and in the process we enhance the doctor/patient relationship."

Integrative Health combines the best of all worlds, encompassing both traditional and old world medicine, as well as health care advocacy. In addition to wellness, preventive medicine and the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and premorbid or functional problems, this approach can be used successfully to address many diagnosable medical conditions. It is effective in collaboration with other therapies, whether conventional or unconventional.

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